Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have decided to stop paying the Lazy Tax to TypePad. It was the original home for the Oreo, and it was always a nice site,and I have no complaints but I can no longer afford the monthly fee for a blog I so rarely post to.

Farewell TypePad hello Blogger.

Shroednger's Oreo is dead, long live Schroedinger's Oreo!

Like a lazy procrastinating phoenix, this blog will rise from the ashes... eventually.


As for the title of my blog. I had a bag of Oreos, I had a friend staying at my house for a while. My friend wanted to open up the Oreos, but that could not be. Oreos are not good stale, they are only good when completely fresh and their height of crispy. My argument is that once the bag is open the Oreos are exposed to the air and become stale. I know you are saying to your self "but that's not Schroedinger's Cat!" I know that. I know the state of the Oreos in the bag (perfection) and Schroedinger did not know the state of the cat in the box. (dead, undead, annoyed or asleep)

In my defense, Schroedinger’s Cat is the only scientific principle-ie sounding thing I know, and I have learned when inflicting my irrationality on others to back it up with science babble it gives it legitimacy and more weight then simply blaming it all on my mother (who is crazy by the way)

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