Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Belle & Ernest Cline Play Joust

Belle & Ernest Cline Play Joust by vylettefairwell
Belle & Ernest Cline Play Joust, a photo by vylettefairwell on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
OMG you must read "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline to understand just how cool it was to have the Joust game there and to get to play it with the author.
Fan girl Squeeee!

So I was lucky enough to meet *coughstalkcough* Ernie Cline at San Diego ComicCon and play the old school console video game "Joust" (Freakin' Joust!!!!!) with him. When you read the book you will know how cool that was. I also had him sign the ARC he had sent me, because he's awesome, and because he read my whiny tweet about not being able to wait until the "Ready Player One" publication date, and he complimented "The SteamRollers" You need no more proof of awesomeness.

Now to be honest I am a bit of a whore and my love can be bought (hinthint) but "Ready Player One" honestly is a great book, to quote Scalzi it was indeed "a nerdgasm". Max Headroom, LadyHawke, Tuttle, and Wil Wheaton, there was always something to tickle my nerdy bone and I was pleased I only had to check the wiki once, to "get" a reference.

I am way too "fan girl" to write a decent review, so here are some links to folks who do a better job.

Make sure to check out the Gweek interview (that started my obsession)
Gweek 001 (Bonus)
The complete interview with Ernest Cline, author of the upcoming science fiction novel, Ready Player One. Interviewed in April 2011 by Mark Frauenfelder of boingboing.net.

I would babble more but the sweet smell of rum and tequila, and the promise of Big Sandy with Los Straight Jackets is calling me towards Tiki Oasis 11. A fan Girls life is rarely quiet. (remind me of this when I complain of boredom a few weeks from now)

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