Monday, June 11, 2012

Ugh Monday...

So even when working for my self (coughunemployedcough) I'm still not very fond of Mondays. So I thought I would post some fun links, and try and spread cheer instead of grumpiness.

The movie "Alien", scarred me for life. A long story I will tell another day. So seeing "Prometheus" was not on the schedule, but this amazing, scathing, funny review of it, made me smile. Prometheus: an archaeological perspective (sort of). Posted by Henry Rothwell via

These are my newest addiction. It's as if someone read my mind, and delivered to me a perfect snack. If you are a lover of the old maids in a bowl of popcorn, this product is for you. Its just a bag of lightly fluffy not quite fully popped corn kernels with butter and salt. Added bonus, no tooth cracking un-popped kernels. I have no idea what wizardry they used to create this product and I don't care.

Make Up Your Jangsara is a really fun site with great photos, in-depth and dishy cosmetic product reviews, and some very nicely tutorials. Her make-up can be a little drag queenie, but it's awesome none the lesss/ You may have seen her work when the "Avengers" eye shadows were all over the net.

Lacing Up by Brian Kesinger

That's all I got.

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