Monday, September 20, 2010

A twofer.

Here are pictures (as promised) of things I finished last week.

White Lolita Skirt
This is a kind of Lolita skirt I made with the fabric that once wrapped around my old iron claw footed bathtub (kind of like a bed skirt) It's all gathered into an elastic waistband, there is a layer of netting and another layer of fabric trimmed in lace it, it has an excellent fullness and was completely free.

Bustle front Steampunk Skirt Bustle front (side) Steampunk Bustle front Steampunk Skirt

here is another skirt I whipped up using a skirt on hand, that had been way to small. I cut the skirt off at the top, creating a new and larger waistband. Then I sewed bias tape down sides, threaded ribbon through it. I can now draw up the sides, looping the ribbon around buttons I have attached to the waistband, giving the skirt a kind of bustle effect. Again it was all free

yay me!

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