Monday, June 25, 2012

Auto Pilot

Did not sleep last night, so as Mondays go, this one is full of suck.

To be honest I'm basically stealing some of this post from the best geek girl website The Mary Sue.

I know I am too old, but I really want to make Sailor Scout Hawk Eye.

nna on has other beautiful stuff over at Deviant art

Write damn you write! Remember what happened to Margaret Mitchell. Tomorrow is another day..... then what?

It's time for Duck Brand duct tape "Stuck at Prom"  This always makes me smile. I want a convention to have a duck tape masquerade, or some such. Someone needs to get on that






Food Porn!

So going to make these
And this

One of my new favorite food blogs is Bake at 350. It's generally a charming blog, with reviews and recipes, but the best part is the step by step cookie decorating tips.

How cute!


I might exercise if I had these

Ha! Exercise! I made a funny.


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